Tatu Trumpet Practice Mute

Tatu Trumpet Practice Mute

$ 79.00



The Tátu trumpet PRACTICE MUTE is arrived! The concept was to be able to have a complete practice session with all the aspects of todays playing requirements. Not only practice -“try to keep shape”-, but give the possibility to develop. With this practice mute, you can practice the softest attacks and loudest parts in the whole range with the same intonation and resistance like without mute. The mute is ultralight, the weight and the resistance is like no mute in the bell. There are life cirmunstances, when really good to have a practice mute. The mute is soft enough to not disturb others in a hotel room, at backstage or a next door sleeping baby and has enough sound to have a healthy, complete and valuable practice session with the same trumpet lenght and resistance.


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