Tatu Piccolo Trumpet Mute

Tatu Piccolo Trumpet Mute

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The little brother of the model nr.1. straight mute has arrived for piccolo trumpet in 2 sizes. Both provide excellent intonation, articulation and projection. They give you the possibility to have a pure muted sound throughout the instrument’s register for orchestral and solo playing. The geometrical design provides a sound that carries easily with excellent intonation. It provides the player with easy playability in all the piccolo registers and dynamics; even the lower octave. Very quick response and clear articulation. The surface is a single unit without attached parts. Works great on piston and rotary valve piccolo trumpets as well. 2 sizes are available: Piccolo model nr.1. is for the normal size throat piccolo trumpets. Model nr. 2. is for larger throat piccolo trumpets. *Both sizes work great with A and Bb tuning as well. Note for piccolo specialists: for even more accurate results with a normal sized throat instrument: model nr 1. is for A piccolo and nr 2 for Bb piccolo. (For larger throat instruments it is recommended the model nr.2. for BOTH A and Bb instruments)


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