Satellite Trombone Balancer

Satellite Trombone Balancer

$ 125.00



Introducing our new Instrument Innovations Satellite Balancer.  We were asked to design a balancer by Dave Butler to offer on his carbon fiber trombones and things went so well, that we continued our work and developed one for brass trombones.

Nothing like this has been offered before.

We have aluminum designed into our balancer, which would not have been done in the past.  The aluminum component allows us to enhance our revolutionary design to allow the player to balance front to back, and also side to side.  This side to side balance results in less wrist fatigue, overall fatigue, a more perfect embouchure with less effort.  This is everyone’s goal!

In early testing we have found that it is very helpful for people with weak or damaged wrist and/or hand.  This effects duration of play.  We soon discovered that normal players get great results also.  Duration and quality of play with less fatigue.

Can be used in conjuntion with other balancers to add side to side (yaw) balance to the horn.

5.8 ounces overall weight

Watch for more developments coming soon!

Patent Pending



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