REKA Superslide

REKA Superslide

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Our new REKA Superslide
Still the only one-component lubrication that meets or surpasses the standards of traditional two-component recipes.

  • Only one handy 30-ml bottle is needed
  • Easy handling due to a single component
  • Practical needle applicator facilitates easy use
  • Extremely economical, with excellent surface adhesion
  • No water sprayer necessary
  • Fantastic movement with no slide drag
  • Exceptionally long-lasting
  • Suited to all trombones, old and new
  • Additional cleaning effect
  •  Safe for the skin

REKA Superslide is an advanced product that satisfies even the most demanding musicians. Application is considerably simplified through the use of only one bottle — no additional water is necessary! On top of that, the player is rewarded with a fantastic, long-lasting, free-flowing action.

Of major concern to all trombone players:

The main requirements for a trombone slide lubricant are:

  • Easy application. This should involve, whenever possible, only one component from a single bottle, without the addition of water and without complicated instructions or mixing.
  • The consistency of the lubricant should be such that it stays where it is applied and doesn’t run down the slide.
  • The lubricant film should not be grease-based or similar to grease. Grease has a semi-solid consistency, and such a film would tend to be transported by the slide motion. The resulting surface coating would be uneven and wave-like, ultimately leading to slide drag and a drastic reduction in function.
  • Reliable, free-flowing action must be distributed evenly over an extended playing period. There should be no abrupt experience of slide drag or sticking as the lubricant film dissipates.
  • The point in time when this film starts to dissipate should be apparent and well in advance, ensuring that continuation of undisturbed play can be guaranteed.
  • A single lubrication should last for between 8 and 12 hours of playing.
  • It should be possible to apply additional lubricant without first having to remove residues of spent lubricant and without the danger of tarnishing — which further leads to sticking or slide drag.
  • Slide drag should not occur even if the amount of lubricant applied is somewhat generous. This means that the quantity of lubricant necessary, relevant to the type of trombone, is too specifically defined.
  • The additional application of water is an extra burden for every trombone player and should, therefore, be unnecessary.

REKA Superslide meets all these requirements!

  • REKA Superslide comes in just one bottle.
  • There is no need to add water.
  • The consistency of REKA Superslide is such that the applied lubricant film stays where it’s applied.
  • Once the lubricant film has been applied and spread, it forms a medium that has no similarity whatsoever to a grease-based film. It is, in fact, not a film at all, but rather a coating comprised of countless adjoining rows of tiny lubricant droplets. It is these droplets, all of differing consistency, upon which the trombone slide effortlessly glides.
  • The slide performance with REKA Superslide is described by expert technicians as very satisfying, with smooth action during the whole application life.
  • The application life can be described as the time from initial lubricant application to re-application. With REKA Superslide, this period is extremely long, in the region of 6 to 12 hours of playing time, through which a consistently free-flowing action is maintained.
  • The end of the application life is not abrupt but gradual, indicated well in advance, and allows continued play until re-application is possible.
  • Especially advantageous is that REKA Superslide does not leave any residues, which means that re-application  can be repeated frequently without the need of wiping and drying between applications.
  • REKA Superslide exerts an additional cleaning effect. During playing, saliva and dust particles tend to settle on the open part of the slide tubes, forming microscopic granules. These have an abrasive action on the slide.  Reka Superslide binds these particles with the condensation present, effectively washing them away through the outer slide.
  • REKA Superslide enables old slides or those with small imperfections to be played with ease. It even partially smoothes out surface irregularities.
  • Modern slides, with their esxtremely fine tolerance, function best with smaller amounts of REKA Superslide.
  • In the interest of good trombone maintenance, it is recommended that the instrument be cleaned inside at regular intervals. This prevents corrosion damage and the build-up of “gunk.”



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