Pampet TruTra Trumpet Valves

Pampet TruTra Trumpet Valves

$ 32.99


Why do you need the TruTra?
Brass players are usually trained individually with mouthpieces during warm-up. However, we found that when we practiced with the mouthpiece, we got a satisfactory sound. Once we installed the instrument, it changed.
This is because different resistance and pressure from the body of the instrument causes different vibrations and changes in the sound produced. TruTra PAMPET Trumpet Training Device, which simulates the resistance and resonance frequency of the instrument, makes the warm-up easy. Switch back from TruTra PAMPET Trumpet Training Device and the sound remains the same.

Item Features:
1. PAMPET Trumpet Training Device gives you a much more realistic and similar experience to fingering your actual trumpet and is excellent practice for fingering technique anywhere and anytime. it could easily fit in to a brief case or carry-on bag. uses it to practice on long plane flights.
2. PAMPET Trumpet Training Device adds a variable (user-defined) amount of resistance, which is an important element of mouthpiece practice that some other popular devices don’t address. The bionic chamber adopts the design of simulating pressure and resistance, which makes the pressure and resistance felt when practicing playing the instrument exactly the same. Air pressure valve allows you to simulate jazz, classical and so on like the pressure size.
3. Because of the valves, holding it approximates holding an actual trumpet.There is a lead pipe and you can insert a mouthpiece and practice buzzing.This is a really cool device for practicing fingerings, buzzing practice and ear training. The valves respond well and the entire product is light, great for daily warming up, closely imitates the action of a real trumpet,also allows for muscle memory practice.


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