Manhasset Trombonist Music Stand 48TB

Manhasset Trombonist Music Stand 48TB

$ 65.75



Manhasset music stands are Made in the USA! Manhasset music stands are covered by a Lifetime Warranty!

Manhasset is an employee-owned company, assuring great quality in every music stand’s production!

Manhasset® ® Trombonist Music Stand
This Music Stand is specially designed for the trombonist. A neck connecting plate – in the back of the desk is designed to be set to either side of center or at center to eliminate interference with the shaft and the trombone slide. This plate can be located either to the right or left side or at center for those musicians preferring to play with the bell down – closer to the stand, or with the bell up and to the left of the desk. The fasteners needed to connect the plate in the desired position are included.


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