Glanz Trombone Practice Mute

Glanz Trombone Practice Mute

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Introducing the Glanz Practice Mute
From the esteemed workshop of Glanz, renowned for their mouthpieces and the revolutionary Brass-Refine, comes their latest innovation – the Glanz Practice Mute. This masterpiece was borne from the personal experience of Mr. Takayama of Glanz. Even while practicing with a conventional mute in a wooden house, he wasn’t immune to noise complaints from neighbors. This sparked the journey to design the ultimate practice mute, focusing intensely on sound reduction.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by Real-Life Challenges: Developed from the first-hand experience of a musician’s real-world challenges, ensuring genuine understanding and solutions to the problem.
  • Superior Quietness: The mute boasts of significant enhancements in noise reduction compared to its predecessors. It’s so quiet, in fact, that musicians might be surprised by just how silent it is from their perspective, even as they play.
  • Consistent Resistance: Offering a moderate and consistent resistance across various ranges, this mute doesn’t just focus on quietness but also ensures that the playing experience remains authentic.
  • Versatile Fit: For thick-tubed tenor basses, the mute might slightly protrude from the bell. Depending on the manufacturer and model, it’s likely that the mute can be stored within a standard case while still attached to the bell. However, for thin-tubed tenors, the mute may protrude more noticeably, making case storage with the mute attached potentially challenging.

Redefining Quiet Practice
Glanz’s dedication to elevating the musician’s experience is evident in their Practice Mute. It’s not just about reducing volume; it’s about ensuring that the musician’s practice remains uninterrupted, authentic, and respectful to their surroundings. Dive into a world of silent practice and experience the difference with the Glanz Practice Mute.

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